Understand the Four Key Cornerstones of Your Amazon Strategy

Amazon is a complex platform with many fine-tuneable elements. Your success selling products through the online retail giant (either as a Vendor or Seller) will be primarily determined by how effectively and how frequently you manage each of these elements. 

Below, we have shared an overview of the four areas that should form the foundations of your amazon marketing strategy, and included some tips on how to best approach each one to ensure success.

1. Utilise Amazon’s built-in Marketing Tools

Amazon’s organic rankings, if left to chance, can be volatile due to the way that sales rank is calculated. Despite this, in learning how to influence sales rank some brands are dominating specific niches, making an entry for new players and products often overwhelmingly difficult. 

One way to quickly build your organic rankings – whilst at the same time generating actual sales and building a customer base is to invest in Amazon’s paid search offering.

Continuing to review your spend on a regular basis allows you to remain competitive. 

2. Take advantage of Image Optimisation

Amazon provides so much scope for brands to include high-quality images and video within A+ content that it makes no sense not to invest in the best possible images in all image slots available, not least because Amazon rewards listings with complete sets of images, and customers convert better too. 

3. Review Product Content Regularly

Beyond just tailoring your content to convert customers at the highest rates possible, regularly reviewing product content (including product titles and back-end keywords) should be an essential cornerstone of your strategy.

We’ve compiled tips on keyword research and easy optimisations.

4. Define a process for Account Management

Developing a process for managing your Amazon Account can be daunting, especially with frequent updates and new features being rolled out. What’s more, frequently monitoring key metrics and delving into reports can be time-consuming and difficult. 

The insights uncovered (and subsequent actions you’re able to take afterwards) is what will set you apart from the competition. Of course, Arthia is on hand to help manage your Vendor or Seller Account – just drop our experienced consultants a line using the contact form to find out more.

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