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Products at the top of Amazon product search results pages sell in the greatest volumes and, to get there, your products will need content that not only delivers all the key information your customers need, but also convinces them to buy, all whilst satisfying Amazon’s complex ranking algorithm. Staying in front of your audience using SEO for Amazon is an ongoing process so we’ll stick with you and keep you in pole position in the search pages to ensure you are maximising sales – all whilst remaining highly profitable.

Arthia Amazon Product Content & SEO

Amazon SEO and content

Arthia has the expertise to produce effective product and brand content that is consumer-focused, as well as highly tuned to be promoted within Amazon’s rankings. We are able to produce this content quickly and efficiently for large inventories and catalogues, without ever compromising on uniqueness or quality.

We have a multifaceted approach to ensure we’re delivering A+ content that trumps the competition:

Arthia Amazon SEO & Content
Arthia Amazon keyword research

Keyword research

Keyword Research for Amazon is an essential part of the optimisation process. If you’ve chosen the wrong keywords at the start of your journey, you won’t make it to your destination. Due to the cost of software and levels of specialised resources this requires, many businesses simply can’t afford this in-house. What’s more, regularly undertaking new keyword research and applying the results will keep your product listings competitive and on-trend.

Don’t let your content compromise your Amazon Rankings

If your products aren’t topping the Amazon search results yet, then having our experts review your content should be your first step in rectifying that. We’ll quickly identify the improvements needed to be made and will plan and implement content that stands out head and shoulders above the competition, achieving high rankings and selling in volume.

Arthia Amazon experience

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Amazon is the complex process of fine-tuning each element of your product listings in order to be more visible when a potential customer does a search on Amazon. Amazon’s algorithm is responsible for ranking products according to a number of different ranking factors which must all be optimised accordingly:

• Sales rank

• Conversion rate

• Customer satisfaction

• Relevancy

• Branding

• Product hierarchies

• Reviews

• Answered questions

• Images

• Listing completeness

• Price

• In-stock rate

• Order defect rate

• Keywords

• Time spent on page and bounces

• Product page exit rate

Our marketing consultants are experts in all areas of Amazon, and can help you make sense of Amazon analytics, help with business operations, processes, fulfilment and market research. We can also provide support with overall business strategy and training to aid with customer retention, order processing and securing good reviews.

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