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As an Amazon agency, we give everyone the autonomy to be — and to do — their best. We support them fully in their ideas and goals and invest in their creativity because in our book happiness and being supported at work is the key to a meaningful career.

We‘ve created an inclusive culture where everyone can learn, thrive, and be creative. People are at their best when they’re at their happiest – and our clients feel the benefit. It makes everything we’re doing even better.

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Never stop learning

Never stop learning’ is one of our mantras here at Arthia. We, as an Amazon vendor central agency, cultivate a culture of continuous development from internal training to support to study for an MBA.

Hours to suit everyone

We’ll always put in the hours our clients need, and more if necessary. We get the best out of everyone in our team, including parents working around naps and nurseries, night owls and early birds. Everyone has their own way of being at their best.

Everyone’s welcome

We’re completely committed to equality. Our inclusive culture welcomes, respects and supports all genders, races and ethnicities and abilities across the whole social spectrum.

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