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Profitable PPC and DSP for Amazon

As marketplaces become more crowded and competition becomes more fierce, it may become necessary to drive sales using Amazon’s paid advertising models, both Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and display through Demand-side Platform (DSP). We set up and manage Amazon PPC and DSP campaigns for your products to drive your rate of sale and improve your organic rankings KPIs and transparent reporting.

Arthia Amazon Advertising

We help you pick the right paid search options for your Amazon operation

The Amazon PPC advertising platform includes options for:

We can create from scratch or audit and optimise existing campaigns, turning them into a highly targeted, profitable channel that will also help improve organic list rankings and drive organic growth. For sellers, this is inclusive of all Amazon-owned websites. For vendors, you can also have access to a wide range of third-party sites too.

In addition to Amazon PPC services, we offer DSP campaign creation, management and optimisation.

Arthia Amazon Paid Search Options

CPM, RTB and
programmatic options

Amazon also have options for impression-based advertising (Cost-Per-Thousand or CPM), as well as Real-Time Bidding (RTB) which lets you, as an advertiser, bid on unique impressions in real-time. Furthermore, Amazon also enables advertisers to buy inventory in specified quantities directly from publishers. We can negotiate, set up and run the above, also advising on what the best fit is for you in support of your business objectives.

Arthia Amazon CPM RTB and Programmatic options

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