5 expert tips on how to optimise your Amazon listings

Just like Google, Amazon is like a search engine of its own, meaning that optimisation needs to be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to your product listings. 

The difference between Amazon and Google, though is that bigger brands tend to do better on Google due to backlinks and domain authority, Amazon only cares about the relevance of a product in conjunction to a consumer’s search (along with reviews and price point, too of course). 

This gives the underdog a chance to get their products to the top of Amazon. We share how you can optimise your Amazon listings and boost sales as a result.

1.   Conduct Keyword research

The first place to start in optimisation is to conduct keyword research. Keyword research is relatively simple to complete, here are the five easy steps of keyword research.

  • Find your seed keywords: these are core keywords that directly relate to your product.
  • Competitor research: From here look at the top sellers for your seed keywords and note down how they describe their products, expanding your original keyword list.
  • Use a tool to find secondary and tertiary keywords: further expand your keyword list by entering your keywords into a tool such as Helium 10. This will return secondary and tertiary keywords, helpful for ensuring product descriptions sound natural.
  • Filter to find the best of the bunch: Then clean your keyword list. Remove any keywords that mention another brand’s name as well as any keywords that have little to no search volume. You can use a tool to find these volumes as well as how competitive each term is. Aim for high volume, low competition.
  • Add to your listing, test and improve: Once you have your final list, input the keywords into your listing, keeping the language natural while doing so.

2.   Optimised product title

The product title should be your first priority for optimisation. Amazon titles are frequently loaded with keywords but, unlike Google, the marketplace doesn’t seem to mind. 

In the title is where you need to include your most important, high volume keywords as this will be the first thing consumers see in a list when Amazon returns the results for their query.

Be sure to keep the most important information to the front of the title as at a certain length it will be truncated, meaning your listing could be overlooked due to not making the right information visible to the consumer.

3. A+ Content

Amazon A+ content is a premium content feature. The use of rich texts, videos, and images can be utilised to separate your product from the competition and drive more sales. In fact, 

Amazon says that A+ content increases sales by approximately 10%. 

A+ content is the opportunity for you to talk directly to the consumer and perhaps pre-empt any questions they may be asking by answering them with your enhanced content, such as a video demonstrating how a product might work, or images showing multiple uses for example.

Similarly, if you have a strong brand message, such as sustainability or eco-friendliness, it can be a great way to show that to consumers and potentially build a case for your brand on the platform against competitors.

4. Don’t forget keywords in the backend 

Most will know that keywords can be implemented into the product description and title, but some sellers may not realise that there is the opportunity to put keywords in the backend too. 

There is the Hidden or Search Terms area of your Seller Central backend which gives a 250-character space for keywords. It is important to not just repeat keywords featured in your title and description, utilise this extra space by including misspellings, typos or grammatically incorrect search terms with high search volumes. The keywords here are not visible to consumers so your integrity will not be tarnished for including spelling mistakes.

5. Don’t be afraid to enlist help!

Amazon can be challenging, particularly to smaller operations or those used to selling their products on their own domain. Luckily, there are agencies like us that are there to help when you need it. We’ve got tons of expertise right across the board from data, marketing, sales, profit & loss management to Amazon SEO, Amazon product pages, high conversion strategies, channel marketing strategies etc. Everything you need to help your brand become a success on Amazon.

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