5 reasons to avoid duplicate listings on Amazon

Brands may become flippant about there being duplicate listings of their products on Amazon, as long as the sales are coming in what is the harm? What these brands fail to realise the detrimental long-term effect these duplicate listings could be having on a brand unless dealt with quickly.

Here are six compelling reasons why you want to make sure you don’t have any duplicate listings on Amazon.

1. They can damage your brand’s reputation

It is true you may be selling good quantities of a product and therefore do not care about any duplicate listings appearing. However, for every sale these duplicate listings achieve that ends poorly, reflecting negatively on your brand. Perhaps the duplicate listing has not been updated with new content meaning the consumer gets a product that does not meet their expectations, perhaps the packaging is poor from this other listing resulting in a damaged item. These can all impact the trust a consumer has in a brand.

2. Dilutes your reviews

Most sellers will know that a high number of positive reviews is a ranking factor on Amazon. Therefore many would prefer to have as many positive reviews on a single listing as possible. With duplicate listings out there, there is a high probability that your reviews will suffer as they will be spread across the duplicate listings, rather than accumulated on one.

Also, there is the possibility that one of these listings receives a negative review which could also go towards harming your reputation as a brand and put off other potential consumers.

3. Missing out on money

An obvious reason why you shouldn’t put up with duplicate listings is it will affect your bottom line. Every sale a duplicate listing makes is one less your listing does.

4. Risk of consumers receiving a counterfeit product

Duplicate listings are more likely to be counterfeit products, and many Amazon shoppers would not be able to tell the difference between the legitimate one and the duplicate while shopping online. This could lead them to receiving a shoddy product thinking it came from your brand. This will lead to brand distrust and, through word of mouth, destruction of the brand’s reputation.

Also, counterfeit products could have safety concerns too meaning that legal action could be taken should the product cause ill health or injury to the recipient.

5. General poor customer experience

Amazon can be a confusing place for many shoppers anyway, so much choice can be a little daunting. Imagine the adder confusion when they are also being presented with listings identical to one another. This could lead customers to lose confidence in converting through either listing due to the confusion. 

Amazon frowns upon duplicate listings so whether they have been created accidentally by you as the seller or by a malicious user selling counterfeits, then it is best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Our Amazon specialists can help with the process of duplicate listing identification and removal. Give us a call today to get started!

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