What is Amazon DSP? And how to get started 

Amazon has become the go to for many customers shopping online, which means devising and perfecting an Amazon advertising strategy has never been more important for success. Below we talk you through Amazon DSP and how to get started with it.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows brands to use programmatic advertising, allowing sellers to reach new and existing audiences on and off the marketplace and increase their sales as a result.  It also covers websites, social media platforms, mobile apps and online video channels.

Why should you be using Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP allows brands to leverage the extensive audience targeting capabilities that Amazon gathers from customers that shop on the marketplace. This data is only accessible through Amazon and allows brands to use these unique insights into customer purchase history and intent to develop a tailored advertising strategy which is effective and efficient.

More established brands can use Amazon DSP to gather additional insights into their customers, enabling them to drive further brand and product awareness to like minded shoppers on and off the platform. Whereas new businesses on Amazon can start to gain insights into who their shoppers are to allow them to increase their visibility on the marketplace.

Although other ad types such as PPC and Sponsored ads on Amazon may be better for converting customers in the purchasing phase of the shopping funnel, DSP ads keep shoppers engaged throughout all stages of the marketing funnel, so that when they see your Sponsored ads they recognise your brand and are more likely to convert.

What ad types are available on Amazon DSP?

Dynamic e-commerce

Dynamic e-commerce ads automatically select which creative is displayed based on campaign goals.

Static ads

As these ads don’t have any dynamic elements, they need a call-to-action. These ads can route back to a product detail page, Amazon storefront or custom landing page.

Video ads through DSP

You can link your video ads to your own site or an Amazon product detail page.

Over-the-top video ads

These full-screen ads reach millions of people on connected TV sources (like the Amazon Fire TV Stick). These ads are not clickable so will need to have a strong call to action within the content.

How to get started with Amazon DSP

Have a minimum media investment

The platform is reliant on data to work and the more data it has, the more accurate the algorithm. Therefore, starting to ensure you are spending consistently on the platform will help your Amazon DSP advertising campaigns become more efficient and impactful. It is important that someone is monitoring your DSP efforts at all times to keep an eye on performance and spend.

Have an evergreen approach

Make sure you carry out multivariate split tests, experiments, trialling out different types of ad creatives and formats, and so on to make the algorithm work harder for your brand, enabling you to follow a data-driven approach to advertising and allow you to capitalise on sales trends as and when they happen. 

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