What is Amazon Brand Registry? 

There are many third-party sellers on Amazon selling products which are not their brand. This can mean that if a consumer purchases a branded product from a 3rd party seller and has a bad experience it can negatively affect that consumer’s perception of the brand.

Amazon’s Brand Registry allows brands to have some control over how their products are represented on Amazon’s marketplace. By enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry, you are provided with the tools to control and influence listings for your branded products on Amazon, protecting your registered trademarks and reputation.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Once a brand has enrolled, Amazon provides powerful search and report tools to take control of your branded product’s presence on Amazon’s marketplace. 

The tools’ capabilities will include the ability to search for a specific brand, trademark or product name and being presented with all the search results within Amazon’s marketplace. 

You will also be able to use a reverse image search tool which allows you to upload an image of your products to find visually similar images on product listings, which may violate copyright. This will ultimately allow you to more efficiently notify Amazon of any brand counterfeits of your products at a faster rate. Giving your brand the opportunity to be represented positively without other sellers affecting the perception of the brand.

It will also allow you to create an Amazon store page. This is an online location where people who click on your brand name can see a branded landing page developed by you. Which not only gives you the opportunity to make your brand more appealing to potential customers, but it also makes sponsored brand ads much more successful. 

Amazon Brand Registry enrolment requests usually get approved within 24 hours of application, meaning not a lot of damage can be done to your brand before you have control.

What do I need to enrol in Amazon Brand Registry?

You can enrol in Amazon Brand registry if you are a brand that owns a trademarked product; therefore eligibility depends on first having a registered trademark with the country/countries in each place you wish to enrol your brand in. This also means that brands must register for Brand Registry in each Amazon marketplace you sell products in if you are selling internationally, so if you wanted to sell to an American and UK audience, you would need to enrol in both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. 

You must also supply details for the number of product categories in which your brand should be listed and the countries where the products are manufactured and distributed.

You can also apply/enrol if you are an authorised wholesaler/distributor of a trademarked product on Amazon. To be eligible though you will need to provide the following information for each brand you are authorised to distribute:

  • An invoice issued by the brand owner to you within the last 180 days


  • An authorisation letter by the brand owner addressed to you.
  • If you are a licensee of a brand, a confirmation by the brand owner, the licence agreement or a similar type of documentation (e.g. entry in the local trademark office’s database) must be provided.

If you are a brand that needs help with enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry, or need advice about unauthorised brand sellers, get in touch with Arthia today. Our team of Amazon experts are on hand to help.

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