Get More Amazon Reviews With 9 Proven Methods Used by the Amazon Experts

In a world where nearly 10% of all online retail sales across Europe go through Amazon, reviews are crucial and have a huge influence on whether your company can successfully attract online customers or not.

Consumers browsing through many listings see seller reviews as an indication of trustworthiness. Therefore, not only do reviews have an impact on conversions (the customer’s decision to buy) but are also used by Amazon to rank products accordingly and assess eligibility for the Amazon’s Choice Badge & Buy Box.

As a result, whether your product succeeds or fails can be determined by your ability to get good reviews for your products.

This article is going to cover:

  • Amazon’s policy for sourcing reviews and how to stay on their good side

And nine methods for getting more Amazon reviews:

  • 7 Tips you can implement yourself, immediately
  • 2 Amazon based services to boost reviews

Amazon’s Rules for Sourcing Reviews

Amazon’s current review policies are comprehensive and it’s key to try to understand how you might (unknowingly) violate the rules. Deciding exactly what constitutes a violation is decided on a case by case basis by Amazon and many so-called “Black Hat” techniques to manipulate the review process should be discouraged. These are some example “no-no’s”…

  • Using your computer to post a review on your products
  • Offering to pay for positive reviews
  • Requesting a positive review rather than a generic review 
  • Using fake reviewers sourced through a third party
  • Asking a negative reviewer to retract their review in return for payment
  • Creating product variations to gather reviews from existing products

If you read the Amazon community guidelines and code of conduct there is an explanation of what both the seller and the consumer are allowed to do when sourcing and fulfilling review requests. Knowing these guidelines will keep you and your customer out of trouble.

7 Tips for Getting Better Amazon Reviews

1. Use the “Request A Review” Button

Within your order details section, the buyer’s availability for review requests is highlighted. Once your product has been delivered or the estimated delivery date has passed you can click the “Request a Review” button.

As it is built into the system this is a fair and honest way to get a review from genuine consumers. Amazon automatically requests reviews on your behalf but by clicking this button purchasers get the same email with a more personal approach.

2. Approach the right consumers!

Requesting a review is easy enough but it is important to consider who you are asking. Consider who has had the best experience, taking into account orders being delivered on time, without complaint and de- prioritising those that have raised a post-delivery query.

Do you sell easily damaged or fragile products? Consider not chasing for reviews on these items. By looking at your existing product feedback you’ll know which items may not travel well or are more likely than others to arrive damaged. Target positive feedback from happy customers, first. 

3. Comprehensive Content

Anticipate customer issues ahead of time with a really good Frequently Asked Questions section on your product page. Information on how to get started with your product and troubleshooting can get consumers off on a positive foot with their purchase rather than having to contact you directly for information. 

4. Be polite

Consumers often do not mind leaving a review but like all of us, lead really busy lives! Just nudging them a little and asking nicely can result in a greater sales:review ratio. Notecards inside deliveries have proved successful by thanking consumers for their business, showing appreciation and asking for honest feedback, which in turn can result in a positive review.

You can also incentivise with a giveaway entry. Of course, these notecards also act as a great marketing tool. 

5. Help as much as you can!

Amazon customer services are known for being fast-acting and great at what they do. As a seller, consumers expect you to do the same. The better your customer service the greater your chance of that positive review that talks about the buying experience along with the product.

Keep on top of your communication by answering questions quickly, addressing complaints in a customer-focused way and processing returns efficiently. 

In addition, this amazing customer service is a great way to get on track to win the Amazon Buy Box.

6. Develop Brand Recognition

Even on an established platform like Amazon, establishing a brand is critical for successful online commerce. For sellers, a well-designed brand store is essential in hopes of gaining regular customers who learn to trust your products.

If customers have a positive experience with a memorable brand they are more inclined to leave a review. Building a strong brand requires consistency in the brand message, product listings, and imagery.

7. Address Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be upsetting to address. If a review is unjust or there have been Fulfilled by Amazon shipping problems you can ask Amazon to consider removing the review based on it violating guidelines. If you cannot do this then you have the option to comment on the review to outline how you have addressed the issue or offer your perspective on what happened.

Being seen to publicly give an account of your viewpoint allows potential customers to understand if the original user was being unreasonable. Maintaining a professional tone with a thought out response shows customers you care about customer satisfaction and may encourage them to leave their reviews.

Two Shortcuts to Faster, Better Amazon Reviews

1. Use Amazon Vine

What is Amazon Vine? Vine is a review program that allows sellers to get high-quality feedback from trusted Amazon reviewers in return for their product being provided for free. These reviewers are carefully selected by Amazon and are labelled as such when they post their review.

These reviews, of course, are more influential than standard reviews and are more likely to sway the consumer. A positive review is not guaranteed and Amazon has no influence over the content of the review, only promising them to be honest and thorough, therefore a negative vine review is always a possibility. 

There are eligibility criteria to enrol on the Vine program and costs to pay to enrol each product. 

2. Amazon Early Reviewer 

Getting new product reviews can be challenging and feel like a struggle. Amazon now offers the Early Review Program which can speed this process up for projects with less than five reviews.

In the same way as the Vine program there is a cost to enrol each SKU (stock keeping unit) and once you opt your product in Amazon will request reviews from trusted reviewers and incentivise these with Amazon gift cards. Products should receive between one and five reviews whilst they are part of the program.

Like Vine there are no guarantee reviews will be positive but it can be worth it to gather momentum for new products.

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