Why Amazon Reviews Matter For Your Brand

Approximately 79% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, particularly with so many shoppers automatically turning to online shopping over visiting physical stores now.

But, this is just one reason why it is vital that sellers on Amazon try and attract reviews. Below we discuss other ways Amazon product reviews can help your brand.

Reviews help shoppers trust

Every seller will claim their product is the best on the market, but these are not the signals that shoppers trust. Shoppers want to hear the opinion from an unbiased party to help inform their purchase decision. Research has shown that as many as 72% of customers won’t even consider buying a product until they read reviews.

Buying products online requires trust from the shopper. They are handing over their money blindly without knowing what they will receive. When a product has reviews, the shopper can at least consider the feedback before making their final decision.

Therefore maintaining a high rating by offering a quality product which is described and pictured sufficiently in your listing, as well as providing excellent customer service is key for success on Amazon as a brand.

Assist with Amazon SEO

Amazon is and will always be shopper first, rather than seller first, which is why customer experience is a key ranking factor on the platform. If a seller has received a number of high ratings from customers consistently, Amazon will see this as a signal that you are giving shoppers a good experience and therefore, they are likely to boost your listings ranking to allow their customers access to the best experience while shopping with them.

Of course, reviews are not a solo ranking factor, price and product listing optimisation also come into play. But, by ensuring you are offering a service that warrants good customer reviews, the rest is easy to get right.

Provide important shopper insights

Not only can reviews help customers make their purchase decision, it can also help sellers to learn more about their target audience based on their feedback, particularly when looking at the reviews of a competitor. Where are their products missing the mark? What do the customers want to see?

Similarly, it can also show specifically what leads these shoppers to convert to a competitor over you. You can see what they are complimenting the competitor on within their reviews and ensure your own operation focuses on aspects of the customer journey you may be missing from your offer to improve the chances of a future conversion.

Help improve your operation

Although some will take to leaving a negative review simply to complain after feeling let down by a purchase, some reviewers leave important, constructive feedback about the products and their experience.

If a shopper complains about the state of the product’s packaging when it arrives, you will know you need to reassess the packing and delivery aspect of your operation to ensure products reach customers in an optimum condition.

Another example of this could be if a shopper complains that the product sizing was wrong, it may be wise to consider updating your sizing guide.

Even though they are not nice to receive, bad reviews will help you understand how to further improve your listing so they should not be ignored, and when constructive, learned from.

Negative reviews can be a blow to your confidence as a seller, so if you have received some bad feedback and are not sure where to start with improvements, contact our team of Amazon specialists today who can advise.

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