How sellers can continue to benefit from Prime Day once its over

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Prime Day is a highly advertised and anticipated event each year, like Amazon’s own personal Black Friday. Each year it sees virtual hordes of shoppers trying to nab the best deals on the marketplace, presenting a fantastic opportunity for sellers to reach new audiences. However, sellers shouldn’t put all of their eggs in this one basket and should instead proactively try and extend the high of Prime Day to benefit their bottom line.

Keep advertising on Amazon

Many brands will do a huge push leading to and during Prime Day and cut ad spend straight after, but doing so could cause you to vanish from potential buyers’ sights.

It is likely the advertising before and during the event puts your product in front of new shoppers on Amazon. They may not have made a purchase on Prime Day but were exposed to your brand. By continuing to use Amazon Marketing Services to put your brand in front of these shoppers, they are more likely to recognise the brand name and come back to you when they are ready to convert. They need to be re-engaged. 

Review your Prime Day sales

Review the sales you made during the Prime Day sales to get an understanding on which products did well and which ones didn’t. This will allow you to review the content on the listing, the keywords, images and so on and take notes on any differences between the successful listings and apply them to those that were less successful. This data is important to help improve impressions and conversion rates going forward, meaning your products will continue to benefit from Prime Day.

Spend money to make money

Business owners will know too well that they need to spend money to make money and there is no better time for an Amazon seller to do this than after a successful Prime Day. Amazon’s successful business strategy works on a flywheel model where each previous action affects the next, and so on, until the flywheel is moving on its own.

By investing some of this extra cash back into the business, you can give your own flywheel a push to help the next stage of your strategy. This investment could be in your advertising spend to increase visibility, professional product imagery to improve customer experience or even employing the help of experts to develop a long-term strategy.

Utilise the new faces

Prime Day will see many sellers achieving sales from a whole new audience, and these new faces should not be ignored. Each new customer is an opportunity to expand the number of reviews products have through using delivery notes, Vine.

It also brings fresh eyes to product listings which could present new questions asked in the Q & A area. These can then be reviewed and product listings altered accordingly.Prime Day is exciting for brands selling on Amazon, but in order to guarantee this success isn’t just a flash in the pan, sellers should see it as an opportunity for longer-term benefits. If you are looking for help leading up to and after Prime day

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