4 key ways to drive more traffic to your Amazon listings

Amazon is full of competition for sellers and vendors, all looking to achieve success in the marketplace and convert more shoppers. So, how can sellers drive more traffic to their product listings? We give five top tips below to help you attract more shoppers.

1. Improve your Amazon SEO

Just as the top results on Google receive a higher percentage of the traffic for searches, Amazon also has an algorithm which determines which products appear higher up when a shopper is searching for something. This is why improving your Amazon SEO should be prioritised in order to get more traffic.

Make sure that your products have clear, concise titles which adhere to Amazon’s policies, listing descriptions are optimised with keywords and that your listing contains high-resolution pictures. Appearing at the top for customer searches is the best way to drive more traffic and sales.

Conduct keyword research for your products and use these to optimise your listings. Also, take time to analyse the competitor product listings currently ranking above yours to see where improvements to your own listings can be made.

2. Use Amazon advertising

As well as ensuring you are organically giving your listings the best chance of appearing higher in the search results, investing in advertising will also get you there too. Advertised listings, such as sponsored products, are given their own area on search results and the site. 

The Sponsored Product option will move a specific ASIN to appear at the top of the product search result pages, increasing the likelihood of a click-through to your product.

Sellers can also take advantage of providing deals on their product listings. Amazon deals have an entire page dedicated to them which will not only increase traffic to these products but will also improve conversion rates.

Brands should also consider utilising Amazon DSP to advertise as well. This option gives brands the ability to automate advertising campaigns on and off the marketplace, giving optimum results and providing extra data about the demographic of your target shoppers, enabling you to discover which are the best target keywords to bid on for your PPC campaigns.

3. Determine whether your listings are in the most suited category

Amazon is shopper first meaning that they want to show the products which match a shopper’s search best. This means relevance is key for brands and part of that is ensuring your products are in the best-suited category.  If your product seems out of place compared to others, your ASIN may be penalised for it. Conducting competitor research to discover if the categories your products are in are correct.

4. Utilise the success of variations with parent/child ASINs

If a certain variation of your product, such as a specific colour or size, is getting a lot of traffic and sales compared to others it is worth considering merging the other variations of the same product into one listing. Not only will this improve the traffic of any variation that was struggling with low views it also improves the customer journey by showing all available variations of the product in one place, encouraging them not to leave a listing to find their preferred variation, lessening the chance of a competitor listings stealing the conversion.

What’s more, the reviews you have for all the variation listings will now be shared in the single one, further improving your Amazon SEO. 

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