Common problems of selling on Amazon and how to overcome them

Amazon has dominated online retail for over two decades, giving its consumers access to the best priced products from a number of different sellers, both offering branded and unbranded goods.

Only more recently though Amazon has established itself as a place brands must be to stay ahead of their competition and increase their conversions. 90% of the customers that search on Amazon end up converting on Amazon, and for many, searching on Amazon is the first port of call when looking online for a specific product, meaning brands that are not on the marketplace will be missing out.

Not only is it a great way to reach an already established, highly convertible consumer base, but it is also vital for those wanting to protect their products from third-party sellers who may not adhere to your standard of customer communication and brand values, causing a negative association between their experiences and your product.

This being said, selling on Amazon is not as easy as it may appear.

Common complaints when selling on Amazon, include:

Unsuitable tools for bigger brands

When Amazon first sought third-party sellers to sell products on their marketplace, it was aimed at smaller, independent sellers. This means the tools developed for sellers are inappropriate for large-scale operations. 

Fighting for brand registry

An issue that is more likely to affect more well-known brands is fighting to register your brand. If someone else has registered your brand before you, then it can be quite an arduous task to convince Amazon that the ownership is rightfully yours. This however is an essential step for brands, as unless you own the Brand Registry, you can’t control your listings or run ad campaigns. 

Issues raising a case

Amazon is a huge company with not only millions of customers but millions of sellers too. So, if you have an issue you need to raise a case which can give varied results. Answers from the person on the other end can be inconsistent and it takes a lot of valuable time and energy chasing Amazon. It can be a tireless circle trying to rectify a problem as small as an incorrect title.

Hefty chargebacks

For those selling on Vendor Central, a headache some will have experienced is a hefty chargeback from Amazon for needing to re-label or re-package a product you have supplied to them, this can either be due to damage or even the slightest infringement.

Luckily, brands can enlist the help of specialist Amazon agencies like Arthia to help deal with these complications and headaches.

How can Arthia help brands selling on Amazon?

Arthia has a team of specific Amazon specialists well versed in dealing with all of the common complaints Amazon has thrown at sellers, as well as being experts in Amazon listing optimisation, Amazon keyword research, Advertising on Amazon, forecasting and so much more.

If you are struggling with any of the issues mentioned above or would like to avoid them altogether when starting your journey as an Amazon seller, get in touch with us today.

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