4 expert tips on how to build an effective Amazon strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail, this is why having a comprehensive Amazon strategy in place is the key to success on the platform. Below we go through the main components which should be the focus of your strategy.

1. Be proactive with account management 

Amazon is a relatively complicated platform which cannot be left to its own devices. As a seller it is your responsibility to keep on top of performance analysis and competitor activity in order to inform future strategies and set the business up for success. 

New sellers are consistently entering the marketplace and different products added meaning that account managers and brand leaders cannot afford to become complacent. Make it a key part of your strategy to continually monitor and maintain all internal processes and overall account health.

2. Review and update your content frequently

When you list a product, this should not be the end of your input with this listing. Amazon is a data-driven platform, which means that the algorithms will constantly be updating, looking for new ways the shoppers search and make their purchase decisions. These algorithms also decide on your rankings which affect traffic and sales.

This means that brands are required to update their product listing content often, conducting keyword research on a semi-regular basis to ensure the most effective keywords are being used. It is also imperative that sellers check review content and Q & A content to see what feedback/questions shoppers are currently giving/asking. This will give you an idea of what issues your listing may have if a negative review points out something that didn’t meet their expectations, and the questions they ask will tell you what important information your listing is missing.

3. Imagery should be purposeful and consistent

Images help the shopper see what they are actually going to receive if they make a purchase, due to not being able to hold the physical item, this and the description is all they have to persuade them to buy. Therefore, it is important that images and other visual aids are a huge part of a seller’s strategy.

Images used on product listings should tell a story, why should the shopper buy this item and how will it benefit them, they should demonstrate the size in a way that is relatable, the use in a way that is easy to understand if the image is still and not a video and correctly demonstrate variations. The image styles should be consistent across your brand, so through videos, A+ content and your Amazon Store (if you have one). Maintaining this consistency in quality will build trust between your brand and consumers.

4. Amazon Advertising is a strategy MUST

Due to the level of competition on Amazon, advertising on the platform is less of a choice and more of a necessity for growth and success.

Investing time and budget into a target advertising strategy will help your brand increase traffic and sales and boost rankings, as well as putting new brands in front of an audience. This doesn’t mean it is easy to beat competitors in this space, your Ads not only have the job of attracting consumers to your brand and/or products, but will also need to defend your position and persuade shoppers away from purchasing a competitor’s product being advertised next to yours. 

Even the most established brands can, at times, feel overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of Amazon’s advertising platform. Utilising an experienced Amazon consultancy will help you develop a strong advertising strategy for your brand, identifying cost savings and new opportunities for growth. 

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