Amazon image optimisation: A quick guide to Amazon’s image sizes and restrictions

Pictures are worth 1000 words and on Amazon, that is no different. A high-quality, well angled image could be the difference between a consumer choosing your product over a similar one from a competitor.

Product images are displayed all over Amazon’s marketplace from the main product page, search results, and even on Amazon advertisements. For this reason, if your images don’t follow Amazon recommendations, you might find your product images don’t lure shoppers to to buy them.

These tips will help make sure your images are optimised to attract conversions on Amazon.

General Amazon Image Specifications:

  • Insert images in JPEG.
  • Image pixel dimension recommended by Amazon should be 2560 pixels wide, but at a minimum of 1280 pixels in either width or height.
  • Both RGB or CMYK colour modes are acceptable.
  • Do not include spaces, dashes or additional characters in the filename as it will prevent your image from going online.

Amazon Primary Image Specifications

  • The image must be a professional photograph of the product being sold. Drawings or illustrations of the product are not permitted.
  • Books, Music, Game and DVD images should be the front cover art, and fill the whole frame and everything else should fill at least 85% of the frame.
  • It should be obvious what is being sold therefore, do not show additional objects in the image.
  • Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255) (CMYK #ffffff).
  • The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images.
  • Materials considered pornographic and/or offensive are forbidden.

Additional Image Specifications

  • Other products or objects are only allowed in additional images to demonstrate the use of or scale of the product being sold, it should still be clear however what is for sale.
  • Cropped or close-up images are allowed.
  • Backgrounds and environments are allowed.
  • Text and demonstrative graphics are allowed.

Amazon allows up to seven to nine product images per page, sellers should utilise all of this space to fully show off the product to consumers. However, each image should add additional information for consumers, uploading nine images which look exactly the same will not benefit you or the customer.

High-quality, professional-looking product images not only improve the look of your product listing, they will also reduce returns and bad reviews as buyers will be able to see what they should expect to receive before purchase.

If it adds value to the listing, add a product video as well, for example, if you are selling a kitchen gadget or type of tool, it will give the opportunity for the consumer to see it in action and perhaps answer any questions they may have about the product’s use.

If product images and listings in general, are not your forte, you can contact us today to see how Arthia can help you optimise your listings on Amazon to increase your sales.

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